The Master Architect Model

Centuries ago, architects were responsible for the entire process of building creation.They involved themselves not only in the design of the building, but also the design of the interior components. In some cases, this included everything from furniture to lighting fixtures and custom flooring design.

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The Master Architect model made sense then and it makes sense today, especially with the advent of advanced digital modeling software.Today, Architecttura is able to digitally create virtual buildings in unprecedented detail – so detailed that we are able to precisely estimate material needs, standard labour costs, millwork and much more. Our ability to forecast major cost items allows us to negotiate and manage project costs within much tighter budgets.

By overseeing every aspect of design and construction, we ensure that the finished building faithfully reflects the original design intent, is built in a more streamlined way, and ultimately saves you money.

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As your architects, we understand exactly what you expect from your building. We know why certain design decisions were made. We know what’s important to you. That makes us uniquely qualified to guide the construction process – to make absolutely sure that the final product remains true to your goals and your vision.

It also helps to have a single, intimately informed source of authority for all construction decisions. A one-stop-shop saves time, money and reduces conflicts. It reduces the stress inherent in any building project and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your project is being managed by the people who know it best.

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Architecttura’s sister organization, Parattura, specializes in custom fabrication of parametric building components and systems. This close relationship allows our designers to create radically new, paradigm-shifting components that are optimized for efficient implementation.

The Seven Disciplines of
Our Master Architect Model

Master Architect Model

Life Cycle Management Architectural Design Integrated Engineering Construction Management Parametric Design & Fabrication Urban Planning Interior Design

As Master Architects, Architecttura offers expertise in seven key disciplines that, together, span the entire scope and life cycle of your project. It’s all built upon the unprecedented detail of our DeepDesign 4D modelling. Using advanced technology in game-changing ways is how we build intelligence into everything we do.

Delving deeper into performance over time

At the core of our Master Builder model (see our previous blog article) lies extraordinarily powerful design technology that allows us to analyse building designs in previously unimaginable ways. Long before the first shovelful of earth is turned at the job site, we can now model virtually every aspect of a building’s appearance, performance and cost – both as a static installation and as a projection over time. We call it DeepDesign® and its advantages to the building owner are substantial.

As the name suggests, our digital modelling capabilities take us deeper than ever into the details of your building plan. Our DeepDesign® methodology provides a comprehensive, four-dimensional picture of the building as it will be built and managed over time. By intelligently managing the entire scope of life-cycle issues inherent in every structure, DeepDesign® provides detailed cost analysis and budget tracking through every stage of the project.

From a design perspective, DeepDesign® ensures – in advance of construction – that every aspect of your design will precisely come together as planned. It allows us to limitlessly explore and model design alternatives. With each variation, we are able to model energy consumption through a variety seasonal scenarios, allowing us to recommend modifications that will reduce energy costs over time.

From a cost-management perspective, it also allows us to schedule specific, detailed and accurate projections for every aspect of the build-out. This intelligence allows us
to accurately validate third party estimates, providing substantial savings in construction costs. Even the long-term costs of managing the building can be predicted, budgeted-for and managed in a more economical, preemptive way. That’s significant, given that initial construction represents only 30% of a typical building’s lifetime costs.

DeepDesign® is just one way in which we’re building intelligence into everything we do. By combining advanced technology with the insights of our experience, we’ve positioned ourselves and our firm for another 25 years of dynamic growth and development.

Stay tuned for more. And please join us in celebrating this milestone year.